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Misheard lyrics

I’m currently listening the Decade Mix made by Flight Facilities on SoundCloud - which is by the way a great 4-hour session of songs recounting 40 years of (western) music - when I stumbled upon a old song I didn’t know the name of. Having a pre-shaazam mentality, I tend to focus on the lyrics and typing them into google search bar to hopefully retrieve the name.

I’m not a native English speaker, so here’s what I’ve heard : “Street lights running through my mind”, which is what I’m typing. And this is the result from Google :

Results from google search

Google correctly guessed “These sounds fall into my minds” from “Street lights running through my mind” ! Well I’ve learned since that this particular song from the BucketHeads is a mondegreen, and my guess wasn’t too far from the original song lyrics.

Here the original, Street Chicago by The Players :