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HACKVent 2014 - Day 19 writeup

I’ve sign up for the Hackvent event made by the guys from, which is a advent-like hacking competition. Every day there is a new challenge posted at midnight which has a to solved at best in the same day, the challenge becoming increasingly more difficult every week completed. The aim in every puzzle is to find either a qr-encoded x-mas ball with lead to the validation code, or a secret human-readable string which gives you the former ball when feeding into a validator (the “Ball-O-Matic”).


For the Day 19 Hackvent challenge, we were given the following instructions :

Riddle from for Day 19

Again, there is no exploration part in this challenge : the image has a code hidden somewhere in it and we have to use the logical equation written to decode it.

For that matter, I’ve converted the steg bmp image into a serie of hex numbers and striped the header. Then I used the following routine :

f = open("stegbool.str","rb").read().split(" ")

bmp_header = "424d363e0d0000000000360000002800000080020000c40100000100180000000000003e0d0000000000000000000000000000000000"
out = bmp_header

for i in range(0,len(f),3):

  r,g,b = map( lambda c: int(c, 16), f[i:i+3])
  r,g,b = r&1,g&1,b&1

  v = ((not r) & g^b)

  out += ( ("000000","ffffff")[v] )

print "".join(out).decode('hex')

This is the result :

ugly ugly ugly code

The qr code is not readable yet. We have to clean it up a little. I used a median filter with a 5px radius on it :

 (imagemagick's) convert.exe img.bmp -median 5 img_med5.bmp

That's way better