An open-source modern Dependency Walker

Usage Exemple


Dependencies is a rewrite of the legacy software Dependency Walker which was shipped along Windows SDKs, but whose developement stopped around 2006. Dependencies can help Windows developers troubleshooting their dll load dependencies issues.


  • v1.0 – Initial release

Installation and Usage

Dependencies is currently shipped as a binary (no installer present). Just uncompress the archive and click on it. Since the binary is not signed, SmartScreen might scream at runtime.


At the moment, Dependencies recreates features and “features” of depends.exe, which means :

  • Only direct, forwarded and delay load dependencies are supported. Dynamic loading via LoadLibrary are not supported (and probably won’t ever be).
  • Min-win dlls are not propertly supported.
  • There is no check between Api Imports and Exports for the moment, only dll presence is supported.
  • No support of esoteric dll load paths (via AppPaths or SxS manifests entries)

Credits and licensing

Special thanks to :

Copyright (c) lucasg and licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for full details.


Read depends.exe’s FAQs and rationale.